The Multiverse and Creation

Book 5 – The Multiverse and Creation

Author:  Victor A Meyer
Last Version:  Unwritten
# of Words:  Unknown
Writing Status:    Future
Publication Status:    Unpublished

Current theory states that one universe was created because of the Big Bang Theory. In this fifth book in The Romeo Effect series, an alternative concept is presented where universes are born in pairs from the remnants of earlier universes. The universe pairs are made up of a matter and an antimatter universe. Ever larger universes are created because of the death of earlier and smaller universes. In the beginning, a single pair of universes were created because of a turbulence in the vacuum energy of empty space.

Proposed List of Chapters

To be determined

Theses Discussed in Book

Thesis #3 – The temporal time dimension is linear

Thesis #6 – Spatial dimensions are Euclidean

Thesis #7 – There exists a fourth Spatial-Time Dimension in the Multiverse

Thesis #8 – Einstein’s Mass-Energy Equivalence formula is an acceleration formula

Thesis #9 – The constant c is a universal constant representing the speed of matter in the Spatial-Time Dimension

Thesis #11 – There exists two dimensions of time – one with speed zero and one with speed cT

Thesis #15 – Entropy is higher degrees-of-freedom governed by temperature

Thesis #16 – Our universe follows an Inverse Cube Law based on entropy

Thesis #17 – The frequency, f, of a photon decreases over time due to entropy

Thesis #26 – The Spatial-Time Dimension had a beginning

Thesis #27 – An Arrow of Time is based on movement along the Spatial-Time Dimension

Thesis #28 – All universes are born as twins

Thesis #35 – Our movement through the Spatial-Time Dimension causes the birth of additional twin universes

Thesis #36 – Our universe has three realities

Thesis #37 – Physics is not that complicated

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