The Myth of Time Dilation

Book 3 – The Myth of Time Dilation

Author:  Victor A Meyer
Last Version:  Unwritten
# of Words:  Unknown
Writing Status:    Future
Publication Status:    Unpublished

The third book in The Romeo Effect series dispels the myth that our universe experiences time dilation. Time dilation is the result of a constant speed of light in a three-dimensional universe. Clocks emulate these conditions with an oscillator tuned to a set rate of vibration. Hence moving clocks will run slower. This concept, however, does not translate to our universe because it has four spatial dimensions and a non-constant speed of light.

Proposed List of Chapters

To be determined

Theses Discussed in Book

Thesis #1 – The speed of light is non-constant

Thesis #2 – Time dilation only exists in clocks

Thesis #3 – The temporal time dimension is linear

Thesis #4 – Anything can travel faster than c

Thesis #5 – There is no such thing as relativistic mass since momentum is always mass times velocity

Thesis #6 – Spatial dimensions are Euclidean

Thesis #10 – The Lorentz Factor, γ, is the conversion factor between cL and cT


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