What Is Gravity?

Book 4 – What Is Gravity?

Author:  Victor A Meyer
Last Version:  Unwritten
# of Words:  Unknown
Writing Status:    Future
Publication Status:    Unpublished

The fourth book in The Romeo Effect series deals with the subject of gravity. Particle physics views gravity as a graviton particle being exchanged between object of mass over astronomical distances. The Theory of General Relativity views gravity as the bending of spacetime. However, this concept depends on gravitational time dilation. This book proposes that objects of mass are pushed together due to the flow of vacuum energy in four spatial dimensions as illustrated in the Casimir Effect.

Proposed List of Chapters

To be determined

Theses Discussed in Book

Thesis #6 – Spatial dimensions are Euclidean

Thesis #9 – The constant c is a universal constant representing the speed of matter in the Spatial-Time Dimension

Thesis #31 – Particles are waveforms travelling at speed cT

Thesis #32 – Vacuum energy is not passive

Thesis #33 – Vacuum energy is the mechanism of gravity

Thesis #34 – Black Holes are hurricanes in space

Thesis #37 – Physics is not that complicated


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